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The company’s primary function will be to create a deposit slip that is appropriate for the licensed money transmitter. This deposit slip can be generated by the LMT after the daily transaction data that the LMT collects is exported to the DepositSlip platform.

Once the transactions are uploaded, the LMT can generate a deposit slip with a unique authorization code and dollar amount. The LMT can then generate a paper deposit slip that the agent will use as authorization to make a bulk deposit at the bank

At the same time the paper copy is generated for the LMT's agent, the information becomes available on the banks' system for the compliance officer's use.


The system can create various reports to support compliance and risk avoidance activities. The system can be sorted in multiple ways to show:

  • How many times a specific customer sent money
  • How much money was sent to a specific address
  • How many times an amount over $10.000 was sent
  • Any other query of the twenty-one fields of descriptive data

Provide for easy access to collateral attachments, such as:

  • Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs)
  • Client photo ID's

The system will make readily available all pertinent information about LMTs and their agents, including:

  • Training Manuals
  • Agent Contracts
  • Agent Contact Information
  • Employee Training Certificates

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